Too quiet

I landed at 11:50 AM and made it to their condo by 12:30.  Dad was lying down on the window seat.  Mom reading to him.  S (sister) was working on her computer in the dining room.

M (brother) arrived about 2:00 and by 3:00, dad was having trouble finishing sentences.

At 3:24, sitting in the big blue pleather chair looking East toward downtown San Francisco, he said “are we all …”

And we waited.  “Are we all what?” I asked.  He opened his eyes and smiled … Closed them again and said “Are we all sure this is a good place for me to sit for this?”

2 minutes later he sighed: “this is good.  Peaceful.  I feel good.”

His last words.

His last breath was seven hours later.  His wife and three kids with him.

He was ready.

Are we?